Why I’ve chosen to write a blog

Like many teachers, especially in ELT, I am fascinated by words. How we use them, why we use them and how they sound.  It is natural then that I love writing as much as I love teaching.  As I am bound to bang on about countless times over the process of this project, reflection is the most important part of any process but particularly anything connected to learning.  As teachers we are constantly experimenting, succeeding, failing and learning. It’s these challenges which I believe makes our job so fascinating.  I can lose myself in blogs and articles about teaching, methodologies or the finer points of linguistics but I generally find I don’t dedicate enough time to reflecting on my own practices, which after over a decade of teaching experience feels like a bit of a shame.

So today I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and start reflecting on my own experiences, with the hope that I, and hopefully someone else, can gain something from what I have learned.  As teaching is interactive, or at least it should be, I welcome any comments, criticisms, laments or brainfood so please feel free to use the comments boxes below to let me know your thoughts.  Happy reading and to myself, Happy writing!

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