Things that go bump in the night: An advanced lesson for Halloween

As a storytelling fanatic, I find it hard to hide my excitement when Halloween rolls around. There’s nothing like the power of suggestion, some creepy music and an endless supply of curiosity to really get the creative juices overflowing. So, on a sensory overload, I thought I’d share with you all this lesson I wrote for a group of C1 Advanced learners which is sure to promote lots of discussion and get pulses racing!

I recently watched a brilliant 60 second documentary about creepy dolls and the (much braver than me) people who collect them. Fascinated and slightly disturbed I thought I’d put together this lesson for my C1 class exploring the topic of just why childhood possessions can be so creepy. I blame my childhood obsession with bad 90s horror films but, let’s face it, most classic toys have the potential to be hideously disturbing so I thought this would be a good area to explore with my learners.

This lesson looks at the story of a couple who have set up shop in the world of collectable creepy toys. It practices exam skills, explores some topic vocabulary and culminates in students practising their skills of persuasion by presenting speeches virtually begging each other to understand why their childhood toys makes their spine tingle.

You can download the student worksheet here.

Here are the teachers notes.

As always, let me know how your lesson goes and Happy Halloween!

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