Why you should apply for an IATEFL Scholarship

It was a hot afternoon in June 2019 when I stumbled across a post on Twitter publicising the fast-approaching deadline for the IATEFL scholarship programme. As I clicked on the link and read the information I realised that this could be my way of attending the conference which I had never managed to up until this point. If the IATEFL conference is one that you would like to attend or present at but feels unattainable, read on and find out why I think you should apply for a scholarship now.

I hadn’t ever considered the IATEFL scholarship programme but reading about it made me realise how accessible it made the conference. Different sponsors provide scholarships for a wide array of backgrounds, special interests and experience. Read through the different briefs and see which ones you are eligible for or interest you. You are also not restricted to apply to just one scholarship however the subject of your proposed talk or workshop might suit some better than others.

I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship for what would have been Manchester 2020 by the C Group who sponsored my attendance of the conference and Pre-Conference event, accommodation, travel costs, spending allowance and membership to IATEFL. Obviously, Manchester and then subsequently Harrogate was cancelled but they have very generously extended my IATEFL membership and awarded me money to use to my own development, which I have enthusiastically invested in a summer course run by the wonderful John Hughes so thank you very much!

I am now on Day 2 of IATEFL, have enjoyed a wonderful PCE thanks to MaWSIG and am revelling in the PD and the opportunity to network. On Monday at 14:15 I will be presenting my workshop entitled ‘Turning the page on conventional storytelling to foster creativity’. Perhaps not the snappiest title but it will be a very practical workshop full of ideas you can use in your classroom with YLs and teens. I can’t wait!

If this has sparked your interest, why don’t you click here and apply for a scholarship for IATEFL Belfast 2022? Good luck!

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