Shock Tactics: An environmental lesson plan

Here is my latest lesson plan encouraging students to express their opinions about the climate crisis using modifiers with comparative structures.

Lesson Overview

Lesson Objectives

  • Learners will be able to discuss environmental issues using topic vocabulary and modifying comparative structures.
  • Learners will develop critical thinking skills as they work collaboratively to devise a video script or storyboard to raise awareness for environmental issues.

60 min+ lesson for a group of strong intermediate or upper-intermediate students which sees learners discuss their views on different environmental issues, extend their vocabulary and discuss using shock videos to raise awareness. Learners watch a number of different videos and discuss which ones have the most impact on the viewer. Learners then go on to devise their own ‘shock tactic’ environmental video campaign and pitch it to the other learners.

Downloadable Materials

Download the student worksheet here.

Download the teacher’s notes here.

Special thanks to Katherine Bilsborough who very kindly gave me feedback on this lesson plan.

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