Down to Earth: A lesson plan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to adjust to life on another planet? In keeping with my last lesson on space tourism, here’s another lesson on the theme of space travel. Instead of thinking about life on another planet, this lesson explores what it’s like for astronauts to readjust to life on Earth after long and arduous trips into the great unknown.

With life down on Earth looking a little grim thanks to the social, ecological and political changes over the last few years, turning our attention to the galaxy has got many people dreaming about life on another planet. In this lesson we test what our students know on space before looking at an authentic listening from an astronaut who talks about the difficulties of returning back down to Earth. After working on listening skills, students then have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes, well, moon boots of the astronaut and hotseat each other on space travel.

This lesson plan could work well in conjunction with Deep Impact as a series of lessons on space for B2 level students.

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