Speaking Activity: KET Questions

Speaking Activity

This speaking activity helps students with both parts of their Cambridge Key speaking exam. Students first need to form questions using question prompts, giving them good practice of question formation which is crucial for part 2 and then they need to interview their partner, responding to short questions about their lives, interests, and routines,  just as in part 1.

Student A

1. How / travel / school?
2. Favourite / sport?
3. time? wake up?
4. Who / best friend?
5. Where / go / last weekend?
6. Why / study / English?
7. Big family?
8. Much time/read/ books?
9. Play instrument?
10. Good singer?

Student B

1. who / sit /school?
2. Ride a bike?
3. Favourite website?
4. Not like / eat?
5. time? get home?
6. When / born?
7. Big house or flat?
8. Which / favourite / colour?
9. What / do / last birthday?
10. Speak other languages?

Download pdf version of Key Speaking Question formation practice

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